Top 10 Greatest Sci-Fi Shows of All-Time

Science fiction has been one of the most popular genres for a very long time, and with good reason.

The genre’s ability to take audiences to new and exciting places, while still telling a human, emotional story that we can relate to, brings about some of the best experiences you could ask for. From the likes of Dune to Star Wars, people have always been drawn to sci-fi, and that includes us here at ScoopHash.

So, we decided to list our favorite sci-fi shows of all-time!


Fox’s science fiction series was rather under the radar during its five-season run. But throughout those five seasons was some of the best sci-fi storytelling you could watch. The three main characters are all complex, deep, and captivating, and the show’s use of time travel, inter-dimensional travel, and all other kinds of sci-fo tropes led to some absolutely beautiful, emotional moments.

Star Trek

We can’t make a list of sci-fi shows and not include what is arguably the kind of them all. Star Trek set itself apart not for its sci-fi setting and locations, but for its tackling of very real issues in those contexts. The show’s ability to weave these fantastical stories that reflected our own society and beliefs was something that struck a chord with many of us around the world.

The Twilight Zone

Another kind of sci-fi, this anthology series was much in the same vein as Star Trek in its ability to ground its tales of wonder in real-world issues. Rod Serling was a master storyteller, and he crafted some of the most iconic stories ever told. There’s a reason the show is still shown in bulk frequently every year: it’s timeless and still relevant to us today.

Battlestar Galactica

This reboot of the cheesy, 70’s show turned it into a very grounded, post-9/11 look at war, humanity, and survival. Its cast of complex and deep characters extended to more than just the “good guys”, and kept audiences coming back for more. It quickly became a standard to which all sci-fi shows aspire for these days.


You don’t have to have sci-fi without humor, and Futurama proved this. Matt Groening’s side project never reached the popularity of The Simpsons, but some would argue that its peaks far surpassed those of the dysfunctional family. Its blend of smart, sci-fi storytelling and humor, without ever losing its heart, proved to be one of the best cartoons ever made, and one that fans have adored for years.

Doctor Who

A show that has 30+ seasons has endured for a reason. This show has tackled all kinds of genres, topics, and tones, and its set-up of being able to switch doctors had worked to its benefit completely. The show never feels stale, as they can change it up whenever they want and it makes sense. A wonderful work of sci-fi, Doctor Who has a loyal fanbase that keeps this show going for years and years.

Stranger Things

This choice may upset many of our “old school” readers, but we can’t deny how much we love this show. Its modern take on 80’s aesthetics and its wonderful cast of characters make this show a must-binge whenever a new season comes out. Harkening back to the days of The Goonies, this show about a group of kids trying to solve bizarre mysteries in their small town is funny, heartfelt, and even creepy at times. Plus, that theme song is awesome!


We love a good genre-bending, and Joss Whedon did just that with Firefly. This space-western only had one season but fans will tell you that it was one of the best seasons of television you could ever watch. Thanks to the strengths of its cast and the writing, this show was a brilliant take on a western-style story all with the backdrop of space. It still goes down as one of the most short-lived shows that was cancelled, with fans still hoping to get more one day.

Black Mirror​

This show is like a modern Twilight Zone, but grounded in the possible dangers of our own world. Each episode is a different story, and each one is more or less a cautionary tale of where our society could go. As a result, it is one of the darkest, sci-fo shows around, and is one that sticks with you. There is just something to captivating about the sinister tales the show tells that keeps us coming back for more.

The X-Files

You knew this show would be on this list. The X-Files defined sci-fi in the 90’s and early 00’s. The story of to FBI agents tasked with investigating the weird and bizarre cases was truly ahead of its time, with its use of non-linear storytelling, grand seasonal stories, and its confidence to instill a little humor here and there. The relationship between Mulder and Scully was beautifully written, and it evolved at a wonderful pace. Plus, some episodes were just truly terrifying, reminding us of the scariest parts of science fiction. Though some argue that the show lost its way as it went on, we here will stand by our love for every season and movie.


So these are our choices for the best sci-fi shows of all-time! What do you think? Do you agree with our choices? Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments!

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