Mythbuster and filmmaker Imahara was only 49 at his time of death.

Grant Imahara, Mytherbuster’s Host, Passes Away at 49

A Legend Inside and Out

Fans of the Mythbusters TV show around the world woke up to some bad news today. One of the original hosts and co-creators of the popular show, Grant Imahara has died. The actor/personality was only 49 at the time of his death.

Imahara tragically passed away very suddenly from a brain aneurysm, no other circumstances have been released.

The whole Mythbusters crew put out statements regarding Grant Imahara and his tragic passing. Adam Savage had some very kind words to say about the prolific host. His co-star Kari Byron, also went onto Twitter to share a nostalgic photo of the original three hosts. 

Grant Imahara was not just a Mythbuster legend to casual audiences, he was a legend to filmmakers. He spent most of his early career years working as a technical/lighting specialist with Lucasfilm. Working with the Industrial Light and Magic, who are now synonymous with high quality CGI work in the film industry.

Not only did he work with Lucasfilm, Grant Imahara created models for some extremely recognizable films. Including films like Jurassic Park: The Lost World, Terminator 3 and Galaxy Quest.

Additionally, Grant Imahara also created models for all three of the Star Wars prequel films. Which have gone on to become cult favorites among Star Wars fans, so his legacy is assured in a small way.

Our thoughts go out to Imahara’s family today for this tragic loss, Grant will be missed dearly.


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