Tenet Unlikey to Release in August According to Analysts

Yet Another Setback for Tenet

Bad news for fans looking forward to Nolan’s upcoming film, Tenet. After numerous setbacks, movie theater closures, statewide and countrywide lockdowns, we thought we’d finally get a release. After Warner Bros pushed the film back to August, we thought that would be it.

Now, according to analysts in the box office field, so take it with a grain of salt, Tenet is unlikely to release in August. Reason being, COVID is still hitting major movie theater chains aggressively hard. Maintaining closures are becoming more and more problematic.

Now, before you start freaking out, AMC and Regal still plan to reopen over the course of the next few weeks. Sticking to their original timeline that they had laid out from March – June. So if that is the case, at least we could see some movies being released in August.

Eric Handler, a majority shareholder in MKM shared his outlook on the developing situation come August.

The near-term outlook for exhibition related stocks remains extremely clouded. It would be surprising to see theaters able to re-open nationwide before September, at the earliest.”

Nolan Just Wants to Help

You might be worrying about the future of Tenet after reading this, but it turns out; Nolan doesn’t really mind. Apparently he hasn’t been all that perturbed by the recent setbacks or how Tenet will perform. Instead focusing more on how Tenet will help movie theaters bounce back from the pandemic.

Of course, this will still upset some fans and moviegoers. We were anticipating that movie theaters would be back up and running around August. With films like Wonder Woman 1984, Mulan and Tenet running the show. Sadly, if Tenet is projecting this badly, it could spell doom for the other August releases.

Even if movie theaters do reopen sometime in the coming weeks, it’s not going to be the return to immediately normal. Restrictions are going to be in place, social distancing will have to be maintained etc. We’ll be returning to theaters sure, but it won’t be a return to normal.

As COVID cases continue to surge throughout parts of the US, time is the remaining factor for what happens. If things continue to shut down and be delayed, theaters may not have a choice. They’ll have to just reopen, put restrictions in place and start doing reruns.

Which is already a plan for AMC. They plan to reshow movies like Inception, Empire Strikes Back and Avengers Endgame. All of which I’d happily pay a ticket price to go see.


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