With the announcement of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet being delayed, many of us worried the wait would be even longer, but it only ended up being a couple weeks. However, it sounds like Warner Bros. wanted to delay the film even longer, causing a disagreement with Nolan.

According to The New York Times, Warner Bros. wanted to move Tenet more than two weeks after they were concerned about their “investment”. With movie theaters closed right now and possible re-openings still uncertain, Warner Bros. wanted to release the film at a time when they would be able to make the most money.

Tenet: Warner Bros. Reportedly Wanted to Delay Longer

On the other hand, Christopher Nolan has been wanting to release the film this summer and have the movie help re-open the box offices. And with Nolan being a vocal advocate about the theatrical experience, releasing the films on digital platforms was never a possibility.

Apparently, these differing views caused some tension between the two parties, but Warner Bros. eventually decided to move the film back a couple weeks since they view Nolan as “a proven moneymaker” and wanted to keep him happy.

But always remember that just because Tenet has a new release date doesn’t mean it can’t be moved again. Theaters may start to open back up soon but there are still plenty of uncertainties that could cause them to close again. This is a huge film for Warner Bros. and they are sure to want to avoid losing any money, even against Nolan’s wishes.

And Nolan is a director you want to keep around. His films have been proven to draw in audiences and, more importantly for the company, money. Whether it is original stories or those based off of established properties, he has proven himself to be a name that gets people coming to the movies.

We are one of those fans who will always go to see him, and we are beyond excited to see Tenet, whenever it does come out. All we really know about the film’s plot is that it involves international espionage and some kind of time manipulation. We are sold.

The film stars John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Michael Caine, Kenneth Branagh, Dimple Kapadia and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

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