James Gunn Teases John Cena’s Character in “The Suicide Squad”

There is a lot of excitement building up for The Suicide Squad, a soft-reboot to David Ayer’s 2016 film. Now, James Gunn is teasing us about who John Cena will be playing in the role.

Gunn has assembled a solid cast of actors for his film with some original actors coming back to reprise their roles, such as Margot Robbie for Harley Quinn. Some of these we already know who they are playing, but not Cena. And it looks like Gunn is having fun with our lack of knowledge, if his antics on Twitter are any indication:

We just can’t get any information we want.

All of these characters in the picture would make sense for Cena. Bane comes to mind, especially, as his hulking physique matches perfectly for Cena. But we could also see a chracter like Solomon Grundy, a lesser-known villain who is a towering zombie. Deathstroke would make sense, however, the DCEU already has its own Deathstroke in Joe Manganiello.

James Gunn Teases John Cena's Character in "The Suicide Squad"

We still don’t know much of anything about the movie, which is why we are so excited for it. After the disappointing first film, we really want to see this concept work and James Gunn is probably the perfect man for the job. Hopefully, we get a trailer soon so we can begin to get an idea about what the film will look like. It’s still set for its release on August 6th, but who knows what will happen with the current pandemic.

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