Obsidian Entertainment unveiled out first look at a new Fantasy RPG

Obsidian Announces New Game ‘Avowed’ at Xbox Games Showcase

High Fantasy and Dark Visuals

Avowed, a new fantasy RPG set in the Pillars of Eternity universe, and we’re already pretty set on the idea. Just earlier today we talked about how Obsidian is coming out with new DLC for The Outer Worlds, so I guess they’re just on a roll right now. 

The reveal trailer for Avowed shows off a very high fantasy-esque setting. To be honest, from the trailer we got equal parts Lord of the Rings, Dark Souls and a little bit of classic Obsidian thrown into the mix. While the trailer is clearly CGI and not in game graphics, the art style alone looks great. That is if it looks remotely similar to this trailer upon release.

As one might expect, the details on Avowed are more or less nonexistent. If it bears any similarity to other like games in the first person RPG genre, then we can probably make some guesses.

We saw a sword, a bow and arrow and some sort of magic system that relies on using certain diagrams and gestures. So could we potentially be looking at a VR game? Honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was a VR game. 

When you consider that it’s set within an existing world, we saw everything from a first person POV, it all tracks. Especially with the unforeseen and wild success of Half-Life: Alyx, there’s gonna be some renewed interest in VR as a legitimate venture.
Right now, it’s all speculation. But here at Geekhash, we’re a sucker for Fantasy. Basically any kind of fantasy and you’ll find us willing to discuss it. 


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