Amazon has confirmed that a third season of the The Boys is on its way!

The Boys Renewed for Season 3 Before Season 2 Even Drops

Crank up The Clash, The Boys Are Back

Seems that Amazon has a lot of faith placed in Karl Urban and crew for this show. Honestly, after the banger hit that was season 1, who could blame them? We, and several others, were taken by surprise with The Boys season 1. Focusing on a much darker and sinister side of superheroes that movies rarely look at. 

During a livestream panel for the digital Comic-Con 2020 Event, creators Seth Rogen and Evan Godlberg confirmed the Season 3 renewal. Seth Rogen, in traditional Seth Rogen manner, confirmed the renewal in a statement during the panel.

“Because this show has fans and it is watched by people like you, they have decided to renew it yet again for a third season. So if you like The Boys, you got more of it, thank God!”

Fans and film lovers are pretty excited, as they should be. The Boys was such a breath of fresh air compared to the tone of films like the MCU lineup and some of DC’s more recent entries. 

But, a season 3 is good news, but when will it even start filming? We’re getting season 2 in early September, but with COVID still causing issues in Hollywood, how is Season 3 going to film?

“Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of superheroes in what are essentially hermetically sealed outfits that do not allow any of their breath to interact with anyone else’s breath – it’s just a wardrobe choice, it has nothing to do with the current climate.”

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Amazon is releasing the first three episodes

Hopefully they don’t have too many issues with shooting Season 3. With the unexpected cult following of the Amazon Prime Original, many fans are eagerly awaiting to see more of the characters. 

Season 2 of the show is also debuting in a somewhat strange manner compared to the first. Amazon is releasing the first three episodes on the weekend of September 4th, and then subsequently releasing episodes weekly. Eventually culminating in the finale sometime in early October. 

Strange? Yes, but it’s more of The Boys, and we will never complain about that.

Goldberg and showrunner Erik Kipke also discussed how Season 2 is going to be different from the first season. Teasing a much more intense and violent season, where everyone is aware of each other’s secrets.

Erin Moriarty’s breakout character, Starlight, has to suffer through a much scarier Vought as Homelander becomes more psychopathic. Starlight already went through quite a bit of character development and emotionally scarring moments. Seriously, this show starts out real dark, and never really gets any brighter.

Other characters like Billy Butcher and Hughie are wanted fugitives and outlaws. After the failures that they experienced in Season 1, they have to survive and run away as best that they can.

Overall, Season 2 is shaping up to be a massive change and improvement over Season 1. And when you start out as strongly as The Boys did, any sort of improvement is saying quite a lot.


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