Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans are starring in a new movie from the Russo Brothers

Russo Brothers Team Up with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans for Next Movie

Russo Brothers Meets James Bond

Promising some Winter Soldier vibes and Extraction type action? Count us in all the way. Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans will be starring alongside each other in a film about opposing CIA operatives. 

Being helmed by the Avengers: Endgame directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, it already sounds like a solid concept. Of course, with big stars and big ideas, also comes a big budget, and Netflix is ready to spend

This film is titled The Gray Man, based on a novel by writer Mark Graeney focusing on the character of Court Gentry. Gosling will be playing Gentry while Evans will be the antagonist Lloyd Hansen. Seems like Evans is really enjoying being able to play the villain after all these years as the iconic good guy.

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Some Old Friends

Not only is the Russo brothers attaching themselves to the project, but their getting some screenwriting help from some old friends. MCU veterans Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely are stepping in to assist with rewrites on the project. Mcfeely and Markus have helped the Russo Brothers write films like Endgame and Infinity War.

The Gray Man could also be the beginning of a new franchise for Netflix. I mean, when you’re spending $200 million on the project, it would make sense to try and follow it up, right? Well, more so than usual with this one, because Graeney’s novels are currently around nine entries in the series. So there’s a strong potential for this to become a recurring franchise for the streaming giant. 

Of course, the project still has to prove that it’s worth the money before they start throwing around the word ‘franchise’. Don’t get us wrong, the star attraction of Evans/Gosling going head to head in an espionage thriller sounds amazing. But, we haven’t seen anything from the project yet, so it’s difficult to say right now.

One thing’s for sure, if they bring the same level of kinetic energy and charisma to the movie as they did with Extraction. Then they have absolutely nothing to be worried about, because we freaking loved Extraction!


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