Noah Centineo has been cast as Atom Smasher in DC’s long-awaited Shazam! spin-off, Black Adam.

Centineo is best-known for his role as Peter in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, and its sequel, will be starring alongside Dwayne Johnson, who will be playing the titular Black Adam. They will be directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, who has worked with Johnson before on Disney’s Jungle Cruise.

Despite being developed for a long time, we still know very little about how the Black Adam movie or its plot. The character began as a villainous in comic books, but has developed into more of an anti-hero recently. We aren’t sure what take on the character we will see.

Black Adam Casts Its Atom Smasher in Shazam! Spin-Off

Atom Smasher is a hero known for being a part of the Justice Society of America, a group of heroes that the film is reported to be bringing to the screen. Born Albert Rothstein, Atom Smasher can change his atomic make-up to change his size and strength. In the comics, Black Adam and Atom Smasher eventually formed a bond after Adam joined the group.

The movie has been in development for a long time, with Dwayne Johnson’s involvement in the DC Universe dating back to 2003 when he was in talks to star as Shazam. That film project never went anywhere, and in 2014, Johnson announced he wouldn’t be starring as Shazam anymore but would be Black Adam instead. The two characters were split into two separate movies and Shazam! came out last year to strong reviews and box office success.

The film was set for release on December 22nd, 2021, but with the coronavirus pandemic throwing the entire film industry for a loop, we don’t know if this release will be postponed like many other films. Perhaps we will learn more at DC’s FanDome event in August.

Beau Flynn, of FlynnPictureCo., is producing Black Adam, along with Johnson and Dany, and Hiram Garcia’s Seven Bucks Productions.

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