Samsung Galaxy Z Unveiled, is Folding Glass the Wave of The Future?

Earlier yesterday there was a surprising announcement/leak from Samsung, the new phone from the tech mongol. 

The aptly named Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, a folding smartphone that goes from flip phone to 7 inch Phablet in the flip of a hinge. Samsung has been teasing foldable glass for some time now but it was merely a concept until now. 

Samsung is bringing this concept to the mainstream and first impressions seem to have been mostly favorable for the new flagship. However, before you get crazy about it, there are some things to be aware of.

Firstly, there is no template for long term usage and the effects that it will have on the hinge and glass hardware of the phone. As you can well imagine, the phone is going to be incredibly delicate and the first edition may be something to sleep on for a while. 

Secondly, this phone is, well there’s no easy way to say it, it’s freaking expensive. The Samsung Galaxy Z is planning for a 1400$ asking price for the new phone. While the internals are certainly something to put the competition to shame, this is still an absurdly high asking price. Especially with competitors like Hauwei and OnePlus making some big moves in the future.

Nonetheless, this is a big mainstream innovation from the team at Samsung and will no doubt be a big shift in phone production. With this renewed focus on portability taking us away from the phablet craze of the mid 2000s.

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