Looks like Apple is once again in trouble with slowing down old cell phones. Recently a French competition and fraud watchdog fined Apple with a 27 million-dollar lawsuit.

The basis coming from Apple intentionally slowing down older iPhone models without informing users and acquiring their consent. 

Just before this lawsuit took place, users were noticing that their handsets were performing slower than usual. They suspected that Apple intentionally slowed their iPhones down.

Meaning they would be motivated to upgrade to a newer, better model. Although Apple did admit they did slow handsets down, but not because it wanted consumers to buy new units.

A statement from Apple admitted that the batteries found inside every iPhone degrades over time.

Once the batteries have degraded due to age will undergo lower charge and when the cell phones are exposed to colder temperatures. They can cause the iPhone to shutdown unexpectedly.

The more frequent these shutdowns happen, the more unreliable and unusable the iPhones will be.

Per Apple, the slowdown was meant to “prevent the device from unexpectedly shutting down so that the iPhone can still be used.”

iPhone’s operating system, iOS, will slow the device down when certain requirements are met to preserve the handset. Keeping it from turning itself off.

It has not yet been determined that Apple has lost this lawsuit but will soon be determined. 

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