A new game in the Star Wars universe was leaked this morning on the Xbox website, and it looks to be a new starfighting game called Star Wars: Squadrons.

The store listingĀ  had the phrase, “Pilots wanted”, which seems to imply the game will be a starfighter game. Reports claim that this is the same game that was leaked on PSN earlier this year, called Star Wars: Project Maverick.

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After the leak, EA decided to confirm the game’s existence on Twitter:

The post sports the same phrase as the store listing, and also features the leaked art of an Imperial pilot and Rebel pilot, with both sides duking it out in their respective ships. They also announced that the game would be getting an official trailer next week.

We wouldn’t be surprised if this game was a return to the Rogue Squadron series that was popular a couple generations ago.

If this game is, in fact, Project Maverick, this means that this is one of EA Motive’s rumored Star Wars games. One of their projects was developing the single player campaign for Star Wars: Battlefront II.

EA is scheduled to host its EA Play event next week, after postponing it due to the global protests and support for Black Lives Matter, which could be the perfect time to unveil the game.

It’s no secret that EA has struggled in the past with developing games for the Star Wars universe. Their first stab at a Battlefront game was met with middling reception, and the launch of the second game was a disaster that we all remember. However, they have updated that game and brought it back to be one of the best Star Wars experiences out there, and then they also released Jedi Fallen Order last year to very positive reviews.

It looks like they have finally figured out what kinds of games to develop with the license and we hope this streak continues with this one!

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