The BEST Gift Items to Make Staying at Home a Breeze!

We’re all stuck at home a little bit longer than we really want to be. But, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t make it as enjoyable and easy on ourselves as possible!

So we compiled our picks for the 10 BEST Tech gifts to get yourself while stuck at home!


Peeps Carbon Cleaning Technology

NASA tested and public approved. The technology that NASA Astronauts use to clean their glasses, so there’s definitely some serious support behind it.

If you’re tired of things like smudges, fingerprints and condensation, Peeps is a great product to invest in.

B&O Headphones 

We love audio equipment, heck we just love technology. And since we’re all stuck at home, listening to music and watching movies, you need a premium set of headphones.

We highly recommend anything Bang & Olufsen. The ultra clean look of the design, the perfect balance of bass and treble and the comfort of the cups makes these a must have!

VIZR Heads Up Display

Feel unsafe having to constantly check your phone while driving for maps and messages? Well there’s a solution for it and it’s called VIZR. 

It’s essentially a secondary screen/mirror app for your phone that allows you to use your phone almost like a laptop. Or an old school GPS for those of you who even know what that is.

Buy a Drone – We Recommend Yuneec

Honestly, because of how much learning can be involved in properly using/flying a Drone, there’s no better time. Whether you just want to learn a new hobby, try a new skill, get some crazy photos or just splurge. 

Drones are nothing but fun and there’s an option for bettering every wallet, every project and every person. 

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reMarkable Tablet

With a display that looks and feels like notebook paper, reMarkable is the best writing tablet on the market. With an ultra fluid textured pen, ease of use and extremely light build.

You’ve probably seen this tablet marketed to you on sites like YouTube and IGN. Honestly we could not recommend it more!

Invest in a Drawing Tablet 

We love drawing tablets here at Geekhash. Honestly, there’s just something incredibly satisfying about seeing a creation come to life via a drawing tablet. 

There’s more than a few options out there in terms of tablets, there’s no one certain brand that stands above the rest. We’d highly recommend checking out any of them and just do a little research!

Smart Scale 

Weight scales have sorta become a thing of the past recently, there’s not really many people using them. However, it looks like they may be making a little bit of a resurgence thanks to new technology.

Smart Scales pair up with your phone via an App and can tell you your heart rate, BMI and more! They also help track your fitness regimen to keep you responsible!

UV Light Sanitizer

Yes, there is such a thing as a light that kills certain germ cells. Mostly used for things that have an electronic surface, like phones, tablets, Monitors etc.

UV light focuses on certain groups and works, well it kinda works like the mind eraser from Men in Black.

InfinitiKloud Backup Device

Tired of having to manually go through every single folder and item to back it up to an alternate source? Well there is actually an insanely easy solution to that legwork.

This little USB device automatically saves and backups predetermined files in one click, making it easy to save time!


I don’t care how old you are, I don’t care if you never liked them or if you’ve never heard of them. One of the best ways to fight boredom is with a hobby that engages your creativity and brain in new ways. 

LEGO has been around for decades and has done nothing but improve and engage all ages. With collectibles for adults, movie themes for fans and easy sets for kids, there’s literally something for everyone!


That’s our picks for the 10 BEST gadgets/hobbies to start building up over the stay at home orders! There are tons of new things to try, new gadgets to give a shot and new ways to stay busy.

Give any one of these 10 selections a try and see what little things you begin to improve on and notice! 


For more top 10 lists like this, stay tuned here at Geekhash!


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