David Ayer Teases More Cut Joker Scenes from Suicide Squad

With fans of Zack Snyder celebrating the recently-announced release of the Snyder Cut, fans of David Ayer, the director of 2016’s troubled Suicide Squad, are rekindling their interest in his original vision of his antihero film, which was originally meant to end with a different villain and a stronger connection to 2017’s Justice League.

Ayer recently shared that he was incredibly sad about all the Joker scenes with Jared Leto that were cut from the film, and even explained the backstory to the character’s “Damaged” tattoo that fans were quick to make fun of. He recently took to Twitter to answer a question related to the scene between Leto’s Joker and Common’s Monster T:

The original question comes with the hastag #ReleaseTheAyerCut, so we will see if this gains as much momentum as Snyder’s now that his film has been greenlit. Many of us have always wondered what Ayer’s version of Suicide Squad would have looked like. The product we got was so messy, so all over the place, due to studio interference, that we know it wasn’t what Ayer originally planned.

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