With last week’s news that Margot Robbie would be leading a new, standalone, female-led film in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, of course the internet has had a bevy of reactions.

There seems to be a lot of hardcore fans of the original films (somehow) who don’t want another movie in this franchise if it doesn’t have Johnny Depp, who made the character of Jack Sparrow and iconic and appeared in all five original films.

With Depp’s legal issues with Amber Heard making headlines for quite awhile now, Disney decided to reboot the series in a new direction without him, and now they are also adding this standalone movie as well. This hasn’t sat well with some people.

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Theoretically, with news coming out that Depp may just be innocent in his legal battle, Jack Sparrow could still be included in the reboot of the series but details about both of these movies are still very scarce, with our knowledge of the reboot being only that Craig Mazin and Ted Elliot are writing it.

Of course, there are also people who are totally fine with the casting choice.


Margot Robbie has played a ton of characters in her career, most notably Harley Quinn in the DCEU. She has shown her wide-range of talents and she can easily be the one to be the face of a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Another actress tied to the new direction of the franchise is Karen Gillan, who has been rumored to be playing the role of Redd, a new character to the series. We could still see her making her debut in either of these films.


We would love to see both these films bring some of the magic we had back with the first film. After the four sequels that, in our opinion, were monumental steps back, we want to see another good film in a franchise we still love.

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