The Batman May Begin Filming This Next Week

The Batman Returns

Good news for fans of film, superheroes and in desperate need of some good news. After repeated attempts to get the movie business back up and running, it seems that one production may be back underway.

They went on hiatus back in March, Matt Reeves and crew had to postpone filming indefinitely due to COVID. Now, with the cases continuing to trend downwards, even if a second wave looms, movies are trying to capitalize. The Batman is one such film trying to make use of the time that they have.

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According to a report from the UK’s Guardian, both The Batman and Fantastic Beasts 3 have met the required guidelines. Meaning that they are no longer considered a threat to public health and safety, allowing them to resume filming. But, before you jump up and down with joy, safety measures do not mean an immediate return to work.

Most film projects will still be mandated to go through additional screening processes when moving to new locations. Which means that for films like The Batman, they may not be back to normal until sometime in early July.

Six Months is Maybe the Right Amount of Time

When considering the vast amount of setbacks that filmmakers have had, that’s still a pretty early return to work. And it happens to coincide with major theater companies AMC, Regal and Cinemark reopening dates.

Hear me out, what better time to get additional footage and move forward then right now? Editors have had three straight months of just sitting at home work to do, with varying amounts of footage. If the crew can get an ample amount of footage done and sent for editing, they could create a trailer by July.

Now, if theaters do indeed see some reopenings by then, having a new trailer would guarantee some butts in the seats. Particularly if you also choose to release said trailer alongside blockbusters like Tenet, which are still on track for a theatrical release.

Seems to us that these films picked one of the best times to begin filming again. And, if a second wave of COVID causes another wave of shutdowns in the Fall, they could get some much needed crunch time in.

Hopeful Release is Still Better than Nothing

As far as The Batman is concerned, we aren’t sure exactly how much of the film was completed prior to shut downs. So it is possible that they may not be able to finish filming by Fall or Winter time. May seem like 6 months is a lot of time to finish a film, but even finishing a short film in 6 months can be too little.

However, some directors and films are already done. James Gunn and the crew for the Suicide Squad soft reboot/sequel already finished the film prior to studio mandated shut downs by Warner Bros. So regardless of a second shut down, they already have everything set to go outside of editing.

We’d personally love to see The Batman back up and running. We’re extremely excited to see what Matt Reeves and crew have in store for fans with this reimagining of the Caped Crusader. When the crew have been nothing but positive, citing a darker tone and phenomenal script, we’re even more excited.

Reeves has a great track record of well written and impeccably shot films. Most likely, the hype is a fairly accurate representation of what we’ll get, or so we hope.


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