Ezra Miller's The Flash has finally seemed to move forward a little bit.

The Flash Gets a New Update, But This has Happened Before

The Fastest Man Alive Outruns Setbacks

Ezra Miller’s The Flash movie has been the epitome of peaks and valleys the last two years. Star Ezra Miller has been both the saving grace, and pitfall of the movie truly moving forward with production.

But, the producer for the movie, Barbara Muschietti, seems to be a little bit more confident in the film than others are. She said that news will be shared very soon and that fans should stay tuned to social media. Maybe we’re finally about to get an official update, trailer or a teaser for what is to come.

The road that led to this moment has certainly not been easy for the crew of The Flash. As mentioned above, Ezra Miller has been pretty vocal about the film moving forward, but some controversy threw that into doubt. 

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See, Ezra Miller was spotted potentially being violent towards an unknown woman at the time. While that never particular went anywhere, it started a dialogue that pointed to Ezra Miller potentially leaving the project. Luckily it does seem as though that is no longer the case, he’s still hanging out.

Ezra Miller has not been the only issue with The Flash’s production schedule. Directors have come and gone, leaving the film in a semi permanent feeling state of limbo. Never really quite going any one direction.

Writers have gone back and forth on developing a script for the movie, despite Ezra Miller insisting otherwise. Ultimately, we’ve had nothing to go on but his word and the word of people around the production.

Here’s hoping that the production finally starts up again, and that we see something from Muschietti soon! With news of the Snyder Cut starting up again, and finally getting released next year, maybe the tide is turning for the DCEU.

We’re certainly ready for the DCEU to get it’s steam started again, and The Flash would do something great for everyone involved!


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