Count us in for David Ayer's Suicide Squad cut!

Fans Starting to Push Hard for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad Cut

More Suicide Squad?

You can’t keep passionate fans down. Especially when it comes to DC fans who feel like they got cheated out of a good movie. News about Suicide Squad and David Ayer’s displeasure with the movie have been frequent as of late.

The director has had no qualms about making his dissatisfaction known. Telling fans on Twitter how the film was butchered from its original cut/screenplay to be more family friendly and fun. Everything from Harley Quinn’s mannerisms to Joker’s screentime to even Batman’s screen time was drastically cut.

In some cases, most of Ayer’s work on the film was outright ignored for reshoots and was left on the cutting room floor. If that sounds familiar, well it should. Because this is almost note for note, what happened to Zack Snyder with Justice League.

His film was ignored, chopped to hell and then given to a new director to provide reshoots. Well, Joss Whedon may have done reshoots but his credibility and image is in the crapper right now. Can’t say we’re super surprised by that turn of events.

Back to David Ayer, over the last two months he’s been updating fans with news on things that were missing from his Suicide Squad movie. Within those revelations, here’s some of the bigger changes to be aware of.

Katana’s Backstory

One of the most underutilized characters in Suicide Squad was that of Katana. While she may not be a huge household name to casual fans, she is an interesting character to study. Inside of the movie however, she was onscreen for about 10 minutes, cried once, stabbed one dude then left.

Katana was originally supposed to be much more fleshed out and have a bigger role inside of the finale.

El Diablo and Harley Backstory

While Harley did get a substantial amount more attention paid to her than other characters, she still got shafted. In the theatrical release, Harley was little more than eye candy. Severely under-utilizing Margot Robbie’s talents and turning her into a sex symbol to sell tickets.

Harley was supposed to get a lot more fleshed out, most of which was supposed to be with Joker.

Similarly, El Diablo’s backstory was supposed to be a lot darker, a lot less tragic and had more scenes shot. Not gonna lie, I had to go to YouTube and search to even remember what his back story was. That’s not really a good thing.

Joker Footage

One of the biggest upsets from Sucide Squad was that of Jared Leto’s Joker. Most fans hated him and others were just mad at how shoehorned in his character felt. He literally just shows up at random to seemingly be menacing, only to come off as annoying.

When one of the greatest villains of all time detracts from your already mediocre movie, that is not a good look. Subsequent interviews with David Ayer and Jared Leto showed that was more under the surface.

Ayer intended for Joker to be a lot more sadistic and manipulative. Even potentially giving fans a glimpse under the makeup as a surprise revelation as to who he is. He was supposed to have a lot more screen time, something that Leto was vocally angry about.

Steppenwolf and Parademons

One of the biggest upsets to the changes of Suicide Squad was how it had almost zero connection to anything else in the DCEU. That was not originally supposed to be the case at all.

David Ayer and Zack Snyder collaborated with each to tie in different elements from the upcoming Justice League and unannounced movies. Characters like Steppenwolf, the main villain from Justice League, were supposed to make an appearance. At one point the Parademons were supposed to show up. Rumors abound that even Henry Cavill had a brief cameo inside of the original cut.

Overall, Suicide Squad was supposed to be much more intertwined with the DCEU than the theatrical release was. Honestly, it makes us sad to see how much of it never made it past editing. Rather, how much of it was ruined by studio meddling.

Where Are We Today

So today is a special day for DC fans around the world. David Ayer has been all over Twitter confirming rumors, supporting fan pages and teasing what could have been. Fans are spreading the hashtag #releasetheayercut like wildfire. Hoping to stoke up the same conversation that they did with Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

What feels truly special about this is just how vocal David Ayer is being with the fans. Whereas we are mega excited to see the Snyder Cut, it didn’t quite feel as fanboyish as this one does. We sorta had to wait every few weeks for Snyder to give us a tease at what could have been.

With David Ayer, it’s been like every couple of hours. His teases at the cut footage, his confirmation that it was already edited, his pleading with WB execs to let it happen, we’re just falling in love with this guy.

Hopefully this hashtag keeps moving and Warner Bros takes notice of it soon. Especially with the news that Tenet is indefinitely delayed and Wonder Woman 1984 will soon follow, they need a win.

Releasing David Ayer’s Cut on HBO Max alongside Justice League would guarantee a sizable number of new subscriptions. Even if it doesn’t make a billion dollars, guarantee it’ll make millions for the company.


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