A lot has come to light these last couple of days, and Destiny 2 may not be the same.

HUGE Destiny 2 Shakeup – Several Streamers Called Out and Banned

All it Took Was One Weekend

This weekend was home to massive change in the Destiny 2 community. But what exactly happened? So beginning back on Friday, the Destiny 2 community woke up to several tweets about a prolific streamer.

Say No to Rage, a Twitch streamer with over 170,000 followers, had an allegation thrown against him. Worth mentioning, that according to various sources, this was not the first time that such a thing had happened. 

YouTube Content Creator Aztecross Gaming (who we’ve mentioned before) brought up in his video today that he was warned as much. When he attended Guardian Con, a Destiny event hosted by Bungie, he was warned to keep his wife away from him.

So anyway, Say No to Rage gets called out by a Destiny 2 player. Accusing him of soliciting sexual services and harassing her repeatedly. A snowball event formed, soon it was two, then three and before you could blink there were over a dozen. This increase caused Say No to Rage to actually create an apology video wherein he admitted to the allegations. That video has now been taken down, and a new one put up.

Hold onto Your Hats Folks, it Gets Worse

At first, players assumed that was the worst of it. While he may be a prolific member in terms of subscriber count, Say No to Rage was not as well known as others in the community. That changed now obviously, even if it’s for the wrong reasons. 

Then, other allegations came out, against Luminosity no less. Receiving some very similar allegations, and some that were unique to Luminosity and his clan BSK.

BSK had a private Discord server, hosted by Luminosity where they solicited and traded around nude photos. At face value, that’s not much to go on, until you realize that Luminosity was in a relationship at the time. They were using all sorts of disgusting methods to solicit these images. Ie; promising sponsorships, agreeing to co-stream, faking illnesses etc. Overall, just doing progressively reprehensible things all for the sake of getting their rocks off.

According to content creators Mtashed and Blessious, this behavior was known to several streamers. Several streamers who were about to be apart of this takedown event, but they claimed that the extent of the activity was unknown to them. Mtashed in particular called out Luminosity for his actions.

Then, it was revealed that a few other streamers of notoriety were in on the activity. Lil Sonic who has 56K followers, Panduh who has 65K followers were in on it as well.

There’s also been a more recent update about Hush, his ex girlfriend claimed that it was an extremely toxic relationship. Since that allegation, Hush has come forward with an explanation/response to her allegations, and he seems to be in the clear. Not just in the clear, but it’s seeming that his ex is just trying to bandwagon to get some petty revenge on him.

Hard to say at this point in time where the truth lies in Hush’s response, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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It Somehow Gets Even Worse

Then, out of nowhere, during the middle of all of this backlash and controversy, something else happened. Someone started leaking information about a private Discord server called Orange Justice which was run and supported by BSK.

Orange Juice was an immature group of people that were DDOSing and ruining people’s games in the name of ‘justice’. What was their brand of justice, you might ask? Well simply put, they would join Discord servers of big name streamers, obtain their IP address and stop them from playing games. Streamer Gothalion, who has 990K followers, was subjected to these DDOS attacks. It actually cost him trying to compete in the World’s First for the Scourge of the Past raid.

Not just technical attacks and information leaks, but this group was also throwing around racial slurs and insults like it was going out of business. With a few usages of the N-word, J-word and more, Orange Juice lost all credibility extremely quickly.

Consistency is key, as they say, and Orange Juice’s members were consistently petty, racist and gross. They caused tons of setbacks, no end of frustration and were parading it around like they were doing something good. Then as soon as their dirty laundry got aired, they deleted their Twitter account, locked up the Discord and went radio silent. Not a good look for those involved.

More streamers’ names were then dropped when the Orange Juice server started spilling. CammyCakes, Aztecross, Unknown Player, Houndish etc. These guys were just ruining people’s days and content, which isn’t justice, it’s pettiness.

What Needs To Happen

This is a pretty big shakeup for Destiny 2, it’s no small matter. But, the question does remain, what really does need to change in order for the Destiny 2 community to move forward.

First things first, we should be listening to the women and others that have come forward with evidence and allegations. You shouldn’t form opinions off of ourselves, Aztecross or anyone else. Go to Twitter, go to YouTube, compile the evidence and make your own decision.

Now, with that being said, this is a bad look for the community and these are bad people for going along with it. It’s disgusting and it’s unbecoming of anyone, much less people with millions of followers. 

On top of doing things that are morally reprehensible, they also ruined people’s livelihoods and jobs. They DDOS, doxxed and hacked people’s accounts, IP’s and tried to stop them from interacting within the community.

Actions like these are not defensible, and seeing people try to explain it away and apologize means nothing anymore. All these weeks of constant issues within Trials, Error Codes, DDOS attacks, and now we might know a good deal of how. 

These people do not belong in this community, they do not belong on Twitch, Mixer etc. And we’ll be glad to see them go.


Go support the people speaking out against this, support the women coming forward. Most importantly, be your own person, don’t be a parrot. 


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