Netflix is making an exclusive Splinter Cell animated series!

Netflix Announces Anmated Splinter Cell TV Series from John Wick Writer

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Focusing on the exploits of the best covert operative in gaming, Splinter Cell has been a rumor at Netflix for a while now. Sam Fisher and the covert operatives of Third Echelon are a goldmine of TV action and thrillers. Surprised that it took a company this long to capitalize on the popular gaming series.

Especially considering the long gestating project that was tapping Tom Hardy for the title role. Now that’s a Splinter Cell film that we’d kill to see happen.

Netflix made the announcement via an interview with Variety. Where they announced a two season, 16 episode original animated series. This series will be focusing on Sam Fisher but any other details are pretty much completely unknown at this time

This series will be helmed and written by Derek Kolstad, who will also be an executive producer for the series. Kolstad is well known to action and thriller aficionados at this point. He’s made a name for himself as the writer for the John Wick movies, movies that we’re big fans of here at Scoophash!

Splinter Cell has been a long running and critically acclaimed series

Derek Kolstad is also being tapped to write the upcoming Just Cause movie. Something that he seems uniquely qualified for in our opinion. We’re glad to see him getting some big AAA recognition after John Wick 3! He also got to pen a few episodes of Falcon and The Winter Soldier but who knows when we’ll see that series.

Fans of the game will certainly be happy to see this team up happening. Splinter Cell has been a long running and critically acclaimed series for decades at this point. The first game released all the way back in 2002 and immediately spawned a strong following. Critics praised the games intuitive mechanics, smart AI and player freedom.

Afterwards, the series continued to climb in popularity, eventually culminating in Splinter Cell: Conviction. A much more story heavy focus on the series protagonist Sam Fisher. Conviction was one of our personal favorites, and critics once again praised the game, especially with the darker story at it’s heart.

Where to even begin with the games that Netflix is adapting

Following four long years of silence, Splinter Cell: Blacklist was finally announced, but sadly without Michael Ironside. Ironside was the actor who played Sam Fisher throughout the entire series up to Blacklist. Nonetheless, Blacklist was still a financial and critical success, proving that Splinter Cell was a timeless series that people love.

And if anyone has been proving their competency with video game adaptations, it’s been Netflix. 

Where to even begin with the games that Netflix is adapting. Let’s see, well they made Castlevania into an exclusive anime series, that is astonishingly well made. The Witcher is still one of the most talked about fantasy series on the internet. They’re also developing a spin off series called Witcher: Blood Origin. Cyberpunk 2077 is getting an exclusive anime series on the streaming site. Dragon’s Lair, the cult classic, is getting an adaptation starring Ryan Reynolds. 

Overall, Netflix is on a roll with picking up video game adaptations. And if they manage the same level of quality and consistency as they did with Castlevania and The Witcher, count us all the way in.


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