Stargirl Renewed for Season 2 Ahead of Schedule

A Return to Form for DC?

Fans of the Justice Society rejoice, Stargirl is officially coming back for a second go round with a new season. However, there are a couple of changes coming with Stargirl season 2, so bear with us for a minute here. Well, actually the only change is that it will be exclusive to The CW.

Stargirl is DC’s latest hit series. Taking a noticeably brighter and more fun filled take on the DC Universe. Especially in comparison to the last couple seasons of Arrow, Titans and Swamp Thing. The show became a hit with fans over the last couple of months.

Critics as well praised the show’s infectious sense of fun, camaraderie and CGI. Calling it a hit for DC fans, praising the casting choice of Brec Bassinger and Luke Wilson in particular. Of course, DC has always had a rather strange and strained track record with deciding what gets a second season.

Swamp Thing had an absolutely amazing atmosphere and dedicated performances. Then DC cancelled the show preemptively after only one season. Batwoman, the CW show, had a rocky start but came into its own at the end. Only for the leading actor, Ruby Rose, to step away from the project entirely.

Titans had a notoriously rough beginning, and an unnecessarily edgy tone for a lot of season 1. While season 2 improved in just about every way, it left a lot of people feeling apprehensive about the future.

Lots of Indecision All Around

Similarly, Doom Patrol did nothing but good things for DC and it’s partners. Critics and fans alike flocked to the weird, zany, hilarious and dark subject matter of the likable characters. Featuring fantastic practical effects, charismatic lead performances and stellar art direction. Then it took DC a couple years to actually follow through on season 2. 

Even their animated shows tend to get backlogged despite successful runs. Young Justice took almost 4 years to get a season 3, despite high ratings and huge numbers among fans. 

Hopefully, recent events have shown that DC has figured out it’s formula for successful shows/projects. Stargirl is just one of several upcoming projects/shows from DC that are beginning to show some great success.

HBO Max is developing a few DC shows that are going to have movie level budgets and cinematic experiences. Including a Green Lantern Corps show that has yet to announce a cast, but might be shown at DC FanDome

Additionally, Doom Patrol has had a great return with its first few episodes of season 2. Zack Snyder is finally getting some justice in the form of Justice League: The Snyder Cut. Fans were treated to the fantastic Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. Overall, just a great change of pace for DC as an entertainment entity. 


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