David Ayer took to Twitter once again to confirm a fan theory about Joker in Suicide Squad

David Ayer Confirms Dark Theory About Suicide Squad

Major FOMO With This One

Honestly though, this be some screwed up stuff that would’ve gone such a long way in establishing Harley and Joker as characters. News and rumors surrounding the Ayer Cut have been increasing in rampancy thanks to the continued push from fans. People really want to see the grittier style and emotional story that David Ayer had penned. And who can blame them, Suicide Squad was a trackwreck of studio interference.

Over the course of the last two weeks, David Ayer has been increasingly vocal about issues he had with the theatrical movie. Stating that numerous editing issues, tonal inconsistencies and outright canned footage made him very upset at the studio. 

Originally, Suicide Squad was going to be much more grounded, emotional, compelling and dark. We’re not talking like Winter Soldier dark, we’re talking like Watchmen or Dawn of Justice: Ultimate Cut dark. Sadly we lost all of that with the re-edited and re-cut version of the film that made it to theaters. 

We learned how characters like Katana lost most of their scenes. Scenes that would’ve helped to connect audiences to the characters a little bit more, which would’ve done the film a lot of favors. Other characters like Deadshot, Batman and Amanda Waller were meant to have more screen time and have a bigger presence.

A popular fan theory that made the rounds a short time ago

Sadly, even characters like Jared Leto’s Joker were completely changed from the original cut of the film. Joker was meant to be much scarier, much more methodical and sinister throughout the film. Acting as a secondary villain who presented just as real a threat as Enchantress did . Only to be completely sidelined in the theatrical cut with only his most awkward scenes being left for audiences. 

Turns out, there was another big thing that got left out of the movie. A popular fan theory that made the rounds a short time ago was that Harley wasn’t Joker’s only girl. That he tried to replace her several times over and killed the ones who let him down. Certainly puts a different twist on the character we saw in the movie.

Of course, this was just a theory about the character, not a gospel truth that David Ayer put in Suicide Squad. However, things took a turn after Ayer confirmed that it was an intended story beat for Joker, just one that never got put into the movie.

Which makes the potential backstory for Joker and Harley a lot more tragic and toxic than it already was. 

What do you make of David Ayer confirming this theory for Suicide Squad? Do you think that it would have been an interesting addition to the plot or do you really care about the Ayer Cut at all? Let us know in the comments below!


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