The upcoming live event DC Fandome is shaping up to be quite exciting!

DC Fandome Trailer – What to Expect/Hope to See

Time to get the hype started!

DC announced two months ago that they would be holding an exclusive live reveal event in place of Comic Con. Due to the pandemic shutting down in person events, the reveal event will be streamed live and digital only. There’s potentially some big reveals coming to DC Fandome, and we are getting very hyped for the whole thing.

So what exactly can we expect from DC Fandome? Should we temper expectations and expect a lot of animation and comic book reveals? Or should we start pumping the gas into the hype mobile and start speculating wildly?

Truth be told, both of those are probably a good way to approach DC Fandome. Usually when it comes to revealing events, DC tends to split it pretty evenly across the board. But with the promise of exclusive reveals and a public emphasis on movies and TV, we think we’re gonna be surprised. 

Here’s what we hope to see from the upcoming DC Fandome event!

Green Lantern HBO Series

One trailer or teaser that we’ll be very surprised to NOT see, would be a teaser for the upcoming HBO series. The Green Lantern Corps was announced earlier last year and has kinda sat quietly in the corner waiting for it’s time to shine.

HBO promised some large scale cinematic quality for the Green Lantern show, and considering their pedigree, we believe them. So far they’ve done a great job with taking over the reins for Doom Patrol on HBO Max. Besides, anything is an improvement over that Ryan Reynolds trainwreck.


Justice League: The Snyder Cut

While it’s already been confirmed to have some sort of trailer, you can even see it on the left side of the Fandome trailer, we hope to see more. We’ve been long time advocates of the Snyder Cut, and we are jumping up and down with excitement to see more.

Glimpsing Henry Cavill in the iconic black Superman suit, more gritty Batman, more Cyborg scenes and more! How can we not be super hyped to see what’s to come for the Snyder Cut?!

Matt Reeves’ The Batman

Another DC Fandome reveal that we’re desperate to see is the potential for The Batman. Robert Pattinson’s take on the caped crusader has had a lot of teases and praise from the crew these last few months.

Promising a darker and more emotionally psychopathic look at the Dark Knight, and with a stellar crew lined up as well. Pattinson as Batman, Paul Dano as Riddler, Andy Serkis as Alfred, Colin Farrell as Penguin and more! 

As big Batman fans, we can only hope that DC Fandome delivers the goods!

The Suicide Squad

James Gunn has been quietly working in the background on the soft reboot for Suicide Squad for a little over two years now. He did confirm that filming was complete prior to the COVID shutdowns, so luckily they have a head start.

Many fans are expecting the first teaser to come during DC Fandome, especially because Gunn recently revealed the new logo. So there’s a potential that it’s already been confirmed.

Promising Gunn’s signature style of humor, action and effortless blending of storytelling; The Suicide Squad is shaping up quite nicely.

Ben Affleck’s Return

Okay, so this is one that has been very background material that hasn’t been confirmed or denied by anyone with authority in WB. There’s a rumor floating around from credible leak sources that Ben Affleck is coming back to the DCEU.

Now, whether that’s more of a Henry Cavill cameo role, or a semi-permanent fixture is unclear. We’d love to see him get his own film, or make an appearance in Matt Reeves’ last entry in his Batman trilogy as a way to tie it all together. 

No matter what the case may be, Ben Affleck deserves a second go round as the Dark Knight. Because he was absolutely underappreciated as the violent and brooding Batman that Snyder gave him.

The Flashpoint Paradox

Andy Muschietti and his sister/producer Barbara have been teasing that The Flash is moving forward for months now. Promising a heartfelt story, deep emotional themes and spectacle deserving of a superhero movie. 

Although, that hasn’t stopped the film from hitting all sorts of speed bumps along the way. Flashpoint Paradox (or The Flash) star Ezra Miller and shifting directors set the film back years. Miller has been in the spotlight for not the best reasons, which hasn’t helped Muschietti in the slightest. Nonetheless, after seeing both IT movies, we’re sold on Muschietti’s talents.

Batman Prequel Series Details

A recent surprise announcement was made concerning The Batman. It’s going to be getting an exclusive prequel series focusing on the Gotham PD and Jim Gordon, coming to HBO Max later next year.

While we aren’t sure if this is more to make some quick money in face of COVID, or if it was planned all along, we’ll be excited to hear more. Something that shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. got right was focusing less on the metahumans. 

And while we enjoyed moments in Gotham, the FX series, it was a pretty big bummer after like season 1. There were some solid moments with Jerome and that was really it, so bring on the prequel series!

Harley Quinn Season 3

Yes, this is much more of a personal entry then a crowd pleasing moment. We absolutely loved both seasons of the animated Harley Quinn show. Season 2 in particular was a smorgasbord of fan service and adult humor.

That being said, we understand that the series didn’t reach a lot of people. With several people not really ever giving it the time of day, but we implore you to change your mind and give it a shot. 

Titans Season 3

Season 1 of Titans was pretty aggressively mediocre in our opinion. There were a few rock solid moments, mostly saved by good fight choreography and badass costume designs. Outside of that, the aggressively edgy tone and haphazard story did nothing to elevate it above standard superhero shows.

However, season 2 was a massive improvement that introduced the fan favorite anti hero/villain, Deathstroke. Delivering some of the best fights, best superhero TV moments and improved everything across the board!

We’d love to see a season 3 and see what the team behind Titans can do moving forward. But we won’t hold our breath just yet.

The Next Arkham Game

Okay, so this one is reaching just a little bit, but hear us out on this one: For the last several months, someone at Rocksteady/WB Montreal have been dropping very cryptic hints. Whether it was elaborate QR codes, a Court of Owls quote or a tagline for an upcoming project. 

Phrases like ‘Hunt the Batman’ or ‘Kill the Bat’ started circulating through social media, egged on by developers. But, every time E3, Comic Con or Gamescom rolled around, WB Montreal or Rocksteady would cancel at the last minute. 

Recently, two domain names were filed under WB Games that both pertained to an upcoming Batman game. Leading fans to the conclusion that both studios are working on separate games. What better place to reveal the games than DC Fandome? Huh? Please?

Man of Steel 2

Completely unfounded and completely speculative, but something that would possibly get us more hyped than anything else from DC Fandome. Henry Cavill has been teasing these last couple months that he’s returning the character of Superman.

Henry himself has frequently stated that he’s not done with the character and that he wants to keep playing him while he’s young enough to do so. As huge fans of the original Man of Steel, we’d absolutely kill for the sequel to start moving forward.

See You Guys There

So those are just a few of the reveals/teases that we hope to see from DC Fandome in August! Let us know what you thought of the brief teaser that DC dropped and what you’re most looking forward to!


Stay tuned here at Scoophash for more news and updates as we get closer to DC Fandome!